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Warranties, Claims and Replacements


Based on BDS-515-88-M12, the warranty period for footwear is 30 days. In relation  with the observance of the CONSUMER's rights and compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (APA), it is important to know that:

Art. 112. (1) In the event of non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale, the consumer shall have the right to make a claim by requiring the seller to bring the good in conformity with the contract of sale. In this case, the consumer may choose between repairing the goods or replacing them with a new one, unless this is impossible or the method of compensation chosen by him/her is disproportionate to the other. ( 2) It is considered that a compensation for the consumer is disproportionate if its use imposes costs on the seller which are unreasonable in comparison with the other means of redundancy, taking into account: 1. the value of the consumer goods if there is no shortage Of non-compliance; 2. the significance of the non-compliance; 3. the ability to offer the consumer another form of compensation which is not associated with significant inconvenience to the consumer. 

Art. 113.

(1) The customization of the consumer goods in accordance with the contract of sale shall be effected within one month from the date of the consumer's claim.

(2) After the expiration of the term under para. 1 the consumer has the right to cancel the contract and to be reimbursed the amount paid or to demand reduction of the price of the consumer goods according to art. 114.

 (3) The bringing of the consumer goods in compliance with the contract of sale shall be free of charge for the consumer. He / She does not owe any cost to dispose of consumer goods or materials and labor related to the repair, and should not suffer any significant inconvenience.

(4) The consumer may also claim damages for the harm suffered as a result of the non-compliance.

Art. 114.

(1) In case of non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale and when the consumer is not satisfied with the resolution of the claim under Art. 113, he / she has the right to choose one of the following options: 1. cancellation of the contract and reimbursement of the amount paid by him / her; 2. reduce the price. (2) The consumer can not claim reimbursement of the amount paid or to reduce the price of the goods when the trader agrees to replace the consumer goods with a new one or to repair the goods within one month of the consumer's claim.

(3) (new - SG 61/14, in force from 25.07.2014) The trader shall be obliged to grant a request for termination of the contract and to refund the amount paid by the consumer when after having satisfied three complaints Of the consumer by performing repairs of the same good, within the term of the guarantee under Art. (4) (Previous paragraph 3 - SG No. 61/1914, in force as of 25.07.2014) The consumer shall not be able to claim cancellation of the contract Of the contract if the nonconformity of the consumer goods with the contract is insignificant.

Art. 115.

(1) The consumer may exercise his / her right under this section within two years from the delivery of the consumer goods. (2) The term under para. 1 stops running through the time required to repair or replace consumer goods or to reach an agreement between the seller and the consumer to resolve the dispute. (3) The exercise of the right of the consumer under para. 1 is not bound by any other term for bringing an action other than the term under para. 1.

Art. 119.

(1) The application for granting a commercial guarantee shall contain obligatory information about: 1. the rights of the consumers deriving from the guarantee under Art. 112-115, and states clearly that the commercial guarantee does not affect the rights of the consumers resulting from the guarantee under Art. 112 - 115, namely that, regardless of the commercial guarantee, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of the consumer goods with the contract of sale under the guarantee under Art. 112-115; 2. the content and scope of the commercial guarantee; 3. the essential elements necessary for its application, and in particular: the means of making complaints; The duration of the commercial guarantee; The territorial scope of the commercial guarantee; The name and address of the person providing the commercial guarantee and the name and address of the person to whom the commercial guarantee may be claimed when that person is different from the person providing the commercial guarantee. (2) If the commercial guarantee is provided by a producer who has no representative in the territory of the country and in the application for granting a commercial guarantee the information under para. 1, item 1, this information shall be provided to the consumer in an appropriate manner by the seller. (3) The information under para. 1 should be clear, comprehensible and easy to read. Information must be provided in Bulgarian.


The warranty does not cover a damaged zipper, lost or dropped caps and accessories.Shoes should be used according to the season.

In wet weather, shoes should be protected and maintained with appropriate detergents.

Shoes should not be washed in washing machines or by hand.

Wet shoes should not be dried in direct contact with stoves and radiators.

In the event of improper use or intentional damage, Shoe Aquarium does not accept any claim.




 Claims for obvious defects should be claimed within 30 days after the purchase of the goods. For hidden defects claims should be made upon their realisation but not later than the term of their warranty and:


- if the footwear is not worn, they are replaced it with a new pair;

- if the footwear is worn, repair is done free of charge, under the warranty terms.


 Return products are sent to:

 Sofia, bul. "First Bulgarian Army" 11, tel: 0878 130 288


In the case of breakage and / or a defect that can be removed and only if the problem is not due to improper operation, the footwear is repaired within 30 days, and repair time is excluded from the warranty.


The cost of returning a product related to a claim and sending a new product is at the expense of the CONSUMER.


In the event that the items ordered by the CONSUMER do not meet his / her expectations, the CONSUMER may withdraw from the distance contract, according to the conditions of Art. 55 of the Consumer Protection Act.


Returned goods must be in their original packaging and labeling, unused and undamaged. The original documents received with the delivery must be attached to the shipment.


The costs of returning products and replacing are at the expense of the CONSUMER.

If the received shoes do not match the desired size, the CONSUMER may send them back the next day to replace them with the correct size, and must notify a SITE associate for that purpose.


The cost of returning and sending is at the expense of the CONSUMER.


Returned GOODS are not accepted without confirmation from a SITE associate and without any accompanying documents on delivery.


In cases of outstanding issues, the CONSUMER is entitled to address the controversial questions to a SITE associate at the address specified for correspondence.


Any disputes that may arise between Shoe Aquarium and the CONSUMER may be resolved by mutual agreement and, if that is not possible, they will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court in accordance with Bulgarian law.